How I found the sources and why.

Ok so I found the New York Times articles by going to the New York times website. I choose them because they both talked about the banning of books or the censorship of stuff in books. I found the other articles 4, 5 , 7, and 9 by going to Ebsco host. I went there because I wanted legitimate journal articles that I could probably get at our library if needed. All of the articles are from people who are either defending or supporting the banning and cenorship of books and I believe that to have a good argument you need to have both sides. I can’t stand when people only give one sided agruments, it’s not right. I took the books source because it quoted our first admendment right, which I will probably in the end taking from a different source but as of right now its from that source. The reason I might end up using a different source for the quote because I’m not sure if I can borrow it from my friend when I need to. I got the others sources from the ALA because thats what ALA’s job is, they take the requests of challenged books. I chose this site because they can give me statistics of how many books were challenged each year, how many books have been banned over the years and how many times they have been banned, and they can also tell me the reasons they were challenged. Another thing that it says on the website is how to ban a book, so that I could show the reader if I desired to, how hard or easy it is to challenge a book and try to get it banned.


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